My Husband’s Lover

It’s been months since John Lloyd and Bea’s teleserye, “A Beautiful Affair” has come to a close. For months, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for any new JLC teleserye developments but no luck. Let’s just say I needed a teleserye fix bad, real bad!!!

Recently, I came across a new GMA teleserye called, “My Husband’s Lover”. I hadn’t seen any GMA shows in years. This new Kapuso tv offering definitely takes teleserye storytelling to another level. Here comes a new love triangle between a married couple and the husband’s lover who turns out to be the least expected suspect. Tom Rodriguez plays lead character Vincent who is torn between his love for his wife Lally (portrayed by Carla Abellana), family and his returning past high school friend Eric (played by Dennis Trillo ).

The handsome Tom Rodriguez plays Vincent with true raw emotion, vulnerability, ambivalence and did I mention he’s easy on the eyes!!! (Photo Images below Courtesy of GMA Network)


Beautiful Carla Abellana plays Vincent’s wife Lally with great poise, grace and strength.


Talented and equally good looking Dennis Trillo plays Vincent’s lover Eric with a quiet yet moving presence.


In my opinion, the writers have so far successfully written out a plot that daringly tackles a very sensitive issue about sexual orientation but is very aware of the fine line it threads. It also brings new and improved visual aesthetic to Philippine television. I think the show, its cast and crew are definitely deserving of a nomination for its unique story and incredible performances.

My Husband’s Lover has to be the most promising and refreshing teleserye this year. With its beautiful and talented cast of actors and an intriguing plot that slowly builds up towards the ultimate betrayal, risking a marriage, a relationship and putting Vincent’s reputation on the line, plus Lally’s seemingly impending revenge and Eric’s increasingly emotional downward spiral. Who can resist all these ingredients?! I can’t ! I am definitely hooked!! Are you?




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