The Heat is ON in MHL!

Wouldn’t you say Episode 47 of My Husband’s Lover is worth an eyebrow raise?! Kuh Ledesma’s character, Elaine would definitely agree. The episode begins with Paul joining Lally and Vicky for some drinks while Vincent sees Eric at the club dancing with Martin. Enraged, Vincent approaches the two and throws a punch at Martin. They get thrown out of the club. Eric puts Vincent in his place by reminding him, “You chose to let me go. You let me go.” and “…bago mo pakialaman ang buhay ko, ayusin mo muna yung sa ‘yo.”. Ouch.


While Eric and Martin have decidedly created a new bond between the two of them. Vincent is left alone and overwhelmed by his emotions.



Well, Vincent wasn’t entirely alone. For some reason, this cute cuddly bear was conveniently there to comfort him. (I don’t mind being that bear, hehehehe)


Poor Lally gets an uninvited kiss from Paul. SLAP! Worse, someone’s been following Lally and has taken a picture of the kiss. Yikes!


Vincent’s dad shows Elaine the pictures. Surprisingly, Elaine’s eyebrow raising moment’s pretty mute here compared to her previous reactions in past episodes.


The preview to episode 48 shows Lally getting thrown out. Poor Lally. Will Vincent come to her rescue? Hay naku! Can’t wait to see next episode!


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