Is it just me or is Enchong Dee’s new haircut a little un-Enchong?!! Where’d the crown of his glory go?!! I’m so used to seeing him with a fuller head of hair.  He had that classy with a little spunk look going on for him.  It went from hot to not so hot.


image (162)


image (161)

The good news is its hair and it will grow back. (thank god!) Plus, he could have a shaved head and throw you this look and irresistible smile and win you back all over again. (sigh)

image (160)

What do you prefer his signature look of classy, sexy, messy with a little spunk haircut or boy next door punk? I prefer his signature look! Enchong please bring sexy messy back!

Congrats on Best Drama Actor nomination at 28th Star Awards for Television!

image (159)




This  music video definitely made my morning!  Love the way Enchong emotes youthful anticipation and longing. Let me paint a better picture by showing you a few excerpts from the video.



The smile that makes you melt…




Hope they make a music video for music track, Seloso! Go Enchong Go! Watch Chinito Problems video at link below.



Until recently, Teleserye Bida actor, Enchong Dee was invisible in my favorite Filipino actors list.  I’d first seen him in a film, “Paano Ko Sasabihin” and thought his performance was impressive.  Three years later, I finally got to see his old teleseryes, “Tanging Yaman”, and “Katorse” with Erich Gonzales. Loved their chemistry onscreen and Enchong definitely exuded undeniable sex appeal and multifaceted talent as an actor.


Next thing you know, I’m having an Enchong Dee movie marathon. Starting with “Four Sisters and a Wedding”, followed by “The Reunion”, “Sa ‘Yo Lamang”, and “Tuhog”.  What can I say? His acting skills, gwapo looks,  good-natured attitude, happy and inspiring presence has left a lasting impression on me.  He’s definitely got the it factor and work ethic that will ensure his longevity in Philippine showbiz. What’s more, recently I discovered he sings and launched his first album!


I can’t seem to shake off his song, “Chinito Problems”.   It’s stuck in my head! “Hindi ko mapigilang tumawa. Ako’y tuwang tuwa. Kahit magmukha pa akong ewan ay ok lang.” His album carries this feel good, carefree, refreshing, and youthful mood to it. I like the “Seloso” and “Isip O Puso” (he wrote the lyrics) tracks too. Okay sure, he’s no Gary V. or Jed Madela but that’s the cool thing, he’s not trying to be like them and he’s found his own voice.


I can say that I am officially Dee-claring myself an Enchong Dee fan! He comes close 2nd on my favorite young Filipino actors list.  John Lloyd still places first. More power to you Enchong! I’m completely smitten 🙂

Next on my “to watch” movie list, of course “The Trial” starring JLC and “Once A Princess” with Enchong Dee. BTW, found this cool lip-synch music video Enchong did with Rayver Cruz and Gerald Anderson while on set for Blackberry commercial.  I just had to share. Enjoy!


Hawak Kamay

Looks like the Ultimate Heartthrob Piolo Pascual spoke too soon about his supposed plans of retiring from showbiz.  The fans have spoken and 400M pesos later and Papa P. has had a quick change of heart.


Fans will be thrilled to hear that Piolo is currently on set shooting his new teleserye, “Hawak Kamay”. Plus, he will reunite with Starting Over Again co-star Iza Calzado as his leading lady.  Now didn’t I say in my last post that these two stars had chemistry and had to be given a chance to have a project together as leads. Guess my prayers have been answered.



Also, Piolo has a concert sked in April in the US.


What’s more, for you instagram followers, he’s baaaaaacck!


Guess he didn’t need a breather after all. What he really needed was a little boost to his eg0 and he got it. Hawak Kamay lang Papa P.! See his most recent interview on the set of Hawak Kamay. (below)

Dekada Star Award Winners!

A Big Congratulations to John Lloyd Cruz for winning the 2014 Dekada Star Award!!! Here’s a snapshot of Lloydie (love the goatie and haircut) in the company of other awardees like Aga Mulach (slightly on the heavier side), Piolo Pascual (red hot!), Dennis Trillo (mysterious in black).


Starting Over Again

10 Lessons Learned from Starting Over Again


  1. Speak your mind! Communication is key in any relationship. The game of vagueness and “guess what I’m feeling” doesn’t pay off in the end because it only leads to mixed signals, unnecessary confusion and endless wondering that can be a waste of time.
  2. Courage. Grow some balls and in Ginny’s case Woman Up. Instead of running away from the issues like Ginny did, its best to deal with the issues up front and not leave the other party hanging. So not fair.
  3. Keep the Faith. It’s hard to have unconditional love for someone but you can try. Ginny gave up so quickly on Marco because he was settling for simpler dreams.  If she had been more honest about how she felt at the time maybe Marco could’ve understood her better and he would’ve been encouraged to dream bigger. Or they could’ve worked out their issues together rather than apart.
  4. Be Realistic! You can only do so much. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.”
  5. Let it Go! While the beautiful memories of the past are great to remember and recount. Unfortunately, they can’t be repeated.  Like the Disney Frozen songs  goes, “I’m never going back. The past is in past, let it go, let it go!”
  6. Accountability. Own up to your actions. Unfortunately, in Ginny’s case her decision to leave Marco hanging led to the consequence of her losing Marco…forever. It was pretty unfair of her to demand Marco for an explanation when she abruptly ended their relationship and didn’t have the decency to give him a fair reason.  Although, I must say that moment in the movie led to a pretty sizzling make-out scene.
  7. Acceptance. In the beginning, Ginny had Marco on a pedestal but when his imperfections started to surface she was quick to judge him and turn him away. When you love someone, you should be open to loving them for who they are. If you can’t, then it wasn’t meant to be.
  8. Love Bites. Love’s journey is not always like the fairytales.
  9. Forgive and Forget.  Seeking revenge isn’t always the way to healing a broken heart.  It can give you some temporary satisfaction but doesn’t give you closure. This all goes back to letting go of the past and realizing your self –worth is above the heartache and accepting that we’re all only human.
  10. Move on!  Life’s too short to dwell on the past. Allow yourself to heal from that heartache, forgive, forget, remain hopeful and open your heart to love’s endless possibilities.


My movie review:

Last, February 15, 2014, I was lucky enough to see the US premiere of Starting Over Again. While the movie served it’s purposed to entertain the audience I wasn’t completely sold on its “running around the bush” type of plot that was occasionally aided by flashbacks to fill in the blanks.  I felt the plot’s attempt to be enigmatic made some of the scenes predictable, occasionally corny and trite. I felt Toni Gonzaga’s performance was the film’s saving grace.  She managed to make a would be stalker type, childish and flawed character charming and funny. Perfect casting all around with Piolo as Ginny’s dream boy and Iza as Marco’s dignified girlfriend. I congratulate the screenwriter for at least presenting a more unconventional and realistic ending.  Is it a drama/romantic film as the Director Lamasan claims? It’s a romantic comedy type film with some dramatic moments. Ninety five percent of the time, the audience was laughing and the incidence of a “tear jerker” was very very very very small. Would I recommend you to see it? Sure!  Would I see it again? Probably not very soon.

What I would like to see is a Piolo Pascual and Iza Calzado romance/drama team up! I think these two actors especially Piolo Pascual (who I think is more than just eye candy) deserve better and more challenging material. Put on your thinking caps Star Cinema screenwriters!


Home Sweetie Home

After getting my teleserye dramatic high from MHL (My Husband’s Lover), I’m ready for some comedy this 2014! Can’t wait to see John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga once again team up in ABS-CBN’s new show, Home Sweetie Home! Loved their pairing in their last movie, My Amnesia Girl.


Lloydie’s looking goooooooood! Happy New Year Everyone!


Vincent’s Lifeline

Quick recap: The proud ex-general Armando is unable to cope with the truth about his son, Vincent being gay. Vincent is kidnapped by his father’s military henchmen and is forced to join a 45- day boot camp. Armando insists this will be the best cure for his son’s “malady”. Vincent’s odd disappearance raises Lally’s  suspicions. She feels that something bad has happened to Vince and seeks help from Eric. Armando finds out that Lally and Eric are headed to report their suspicions to the CHR (Center of Human Rights). He quickly takes action and tells Vincent to convince Lally not to do it and threatens to hurt Eric. Vincent calls Eric and reassures him he is ok but he really isn’t.

Three days into the camp, Vincent tries to escape but fails. In the process he steals a handgun. He’s summoned to see one of the top officials at his office who reveals that he sympathizes with him because he too has a brother who is gay.  Sadly, the official says he can’t let Vincent discontinue the program because Vincent’s father is still his superior. But he lends Vincent his cellphone, a paper and pen. Agitated and desperate Vincent calls his father and tells him he is who he is. Armando once again succeeds in insulting his son with unkind words and insists that he finish the camp and be a real man. Vincent threatens to kill himself and end it all.


Vincent pulls the trigger and Armando listens in complete horror.


A mother’s worst nightmare. Vincent is in a coma and not out of the woods yet.


Elaine summons Lally to the hospital. She arrives just in time to hear the doctor report Vincent’s fragile status. Here’s the dramatic IPhone falling to the ground.


Lally’s situation mirrors her own mother’s predicament of coming to terms with her ailing husband.



On Lally’s way out, one of the soldiers gives her letters they’ve found in Vincent’s room.  Goodbye letters…


Lally is overwhelmed by emotion. This could be the end.


There is a letter for Eric. Lally calls Eric to meet her in person immediately and tell him what has happened.


Flashback of Vincent writing his letter to Eric.


Eric insists on seeing Vincent. Lally agrees to meet him in the morning at the hospital. Vincent’s father is far from being remorseful for what he has done. Instead, he finds fault in Eric influencing his son and decides to pay him a visit.


Armando goes to Eric’s mom’s home to confront him. Eric speaks to Armando. After an exchange of words, Armando throws a punch at Eric who falls to the ground. He pulls a gun out and points it at Eric. Sinag quickly runs out with a knife and challenges Armando. He fires his gun up towards the sky and retreats.



Eric gets ready to meet Lally. He’s late. Lally has gone in without him. Armando has arrived at the hospital and joins Lally. Eric finally arrives and goes into the hospital. Eric and Armando’s paths once again cross. After a heated exchange, Lally manages to convince Armando to back off. Eric remains steadfast. The waiting game begins.



The love triangle.


Lally leaves to take care of her children. Eric and Vincent alone at last. Wake-up Vincent, wake-up.


Vincent opens his eyes.


Armando’s doctor suspects he has HIV. The upcoming episode trailer definitely shows karma’s pending wrath on Armando with the confirmation of an HIV positive blood test plus Paul’s return and Armando’s arrest. Plus, Vincent is really awake and sees Eric and Lally.


It’ll be interesting to see what happens next. I just hope they don’t use the amnesia approach in the upcoming episode. Who will Vincent recognize first? Remains to be seen.


The Heat is ON in MHL!

Wouldn’t you say Episode 47 of My Husband’s Lover is worth an eyebrow raise?! Kuh Ledesma’s character, Elaine would definitely agree. The episode begins with Paul joining Lally and Vicky for some drinks while Vincent sees Eric at the club dancing with Martin. Enraged, Vincent approaches the two and throws a punch at Martin. They get thrown out of the club. Eric puts Vincent in his place by reminding him, “You chose to let me go. You let me go.” and “…bago mo pakialaman ang buhay ko, ayusin mo muna yung sa ‘yo.”. Ouch.


While Eric and Martin have decidedly created a new bond between the two of them. Vincent is left alone and overwhelmed by his emotions.



Well, Vincent wasn’t entirely alone. For some reason, this cute cuddly bear was conveniently there to comfort him. (I don’t mind being that bear, hehehehe)


Poor Lally gets an uninvited kiss from Paul. SLAP! Worse, someone’s been following Lally and has taken a picture of the kiss. Yikes!


Vincent’s dad shows Elaine the pictures. Surprisingly, Elaine’s eyebrow raising moment’s pretty mute here compared to her previous reactions in past episodes.


The preview to episode 48 shows Lally getting thrown out. Poor Lally. Will Vincent come to her rescue? Hay naku! Can’t wait to see next episode!

My Husband’s Lover

It’s been months since John Lloyd and Bea’s teleserye, “A Beautiful Affair” has come to a close. For months, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for any new JLC teleserye developments but no luck. Let’s just say I needed a teleserye fix bad, real bad!!!

Recently, I came across a new GMA teleserye called, “My Husband’s Lover”. I hadn’t seen any GMA shows in years. This new Kapuso tv offering definitely takes teleserye storytelling to another level. Here comes a new love triangle between a married couple and the husband’s lover who turns out to be the least expected suspect. Tom Rodriguez plays lead character Vincent who is torn between his love for his wife Lally (portrayed by Carla Abellana), family and his returning past high school friend Eric (played by Dennis Trillo ).

The handsome Tom Rodriguez plays Vincent with true raw emotion, vulnerability, ambivalence and did I mention he’s easy on the eyes!!! (Photo Images below Courtesy of GMA Network)


Beautiful Carla Abellana plays Vincent’s wife Lally with great poise, grace and strength.


Talented and equally good looking Dennis Trillo plays Vincent’s lover Eric with a quiet yet moving presence.


In my opinion, the writers have so far successfully written out a plot that daringly tackles a very sensitive issue about sexual orientation but is very aware of the fine line it threads. It also brings new and improved visual aesthetic to Philippine television. I think the show, its cast and crew are definitely deserving of a nomination for its unique story and incredible performances.

My Husband’s Lover has to be the most promising and refreshing teleserye this year. With its beautiful and talented cast of actors and an intriguing plot that slowly builds up towards the ultimate betrayal, risking a marriage, a relationship and putting Vincent’s reputation on the line, plus Lally’s seemingly impending revenge and Eric’s increasingly emotional downward spiral. Who can resist all these ingredients?! I can’t ! I am definitely hooked!! Are you?