Until recently, Teleserye Bida actor, Enchong Dee was invisible in my favorite Filipino actors list.  I’d first seen him in a film, “Paano Ko Sasabihin” and thought his performance was impressive.  Three years later, I finally got to see his old teleseryes, “Tanging Yaman”, and “Katorse” with Erich Gonzales. Loved their chemistry onscreen and Enchong definitely exuded undeniable sex appeal and multifaceted talent as an actor.


Next thing you know, I’m having an Enchong Dee movie marathon. Starting with “Four Sisters and a Wedding”, followed by “The Reunion”, “Sa ‘Yo Lamang”, and “Tuhog”.  What can I say? His acting skills, gwapo looks,  good-natured attitude, happy and inspiring presence has left a lasting impression on me.  He’s definitely got the it factor and work ethic that will ensure his longevity in Philippine showbiz. What’s more, recently I discovered he sings and launched his first album!


I can’t seem to shake off his song, “Chinito Problems”.   It’s stuck in my head! “Hindi ko mapigilang tumawa. Ako’y tuwang tuwa. Kahit magmukha pa akong ewan ay ok lang.” His album carries this feel good, carefree, refreshing, and youthful mood to it. I like the “Seloso” and “Isip O Puso” (he wrote the lyrics) tracks too. Okay sure, he’s no Gary V. or Jed Madela but that’s the cool thing, he’s not trying to be like them and he’s found his own voice.


I can say that I am officially Dee-claring myself an Enchong Dee fan! He comes close 2nd on my favorite young Filipino actors list.  John Lloyd still places first. More power to you Enchong! I’m completely smitten 🙂

Next on my “to watch” movie list, of course “The Trial” starring JLC and “Once A Princess” with Enchong Dee. BTW, found this cool lip-synch music video Enchong did with Rayver Cruz and Gerald Anderson while on set for Blackberry commercial.  I just had to share. Enjoy!