Vincent’s Lifeline

Quick recap: The proud ex-general Armando is unable to cope with the truth about his son, Vincent being gay. Vincent is kidnapped by his father’s military henchmen and is forced to join a 45- day boot camp. Armando insists this will be the best cure for his son’s “malady”. Vincent’s odd disappearance raises Lally’s  suspicions. She feels that something bad has happened to Vince and seeks help from Eric. Armando finds out that Lally and Eric are headed to report their suspicions to the CHR (Center of Human Rights). He quickly takes action and tells Vincent to convince Lally not to do it and threatens to hurt Eric. Vincent calls Eric and reassures him he is ok but he really isn’t.

Three days into the camp, Vincent tries to escape but fails. In the process he steals a handgun. He’s summoned to see one of the top officials at his office who reveals that he sympathizes with him because he too has a brother who is gay.  Sadly, the official says he can’t let Vincent discontinue the program because Vincent’s father is still his superior. But he lends Vincent his cellphone, a paper and pen. Agitated and desperate Vincent calls his father and tells him he is who he is. Armando once again succeeds in insulting his son with unkind words and insists that he finish the camp and be a real man. Vincent threatens to kill himself and end it all.


Vincent pulls the trigger and Armando listens in complete horror.


A mother’s worst nightmare. Vincent is in a coma and not out of the woods yet.


Elaine summons Lally to the hospital. She arrives just in time to hear the doctor report Vincent’s fragile status. Here’s the dramatic IPhone falling to the ground.


Lally’s situation mirrors her own mother’s predicament of coming to terms with her ailing husband.



On Lally’s way out, one of the soldiers gives her letters they’ve found in Vincent’s room.  Goodbye letters…


Lally is overwhelmed by emotion. This could be the end.


There is a letter for Eric. Lally calls Eric to meet her in person immediately and tell him what has happened.


Flashback of Vincent writing his letter to Eric.


Eric insists on seeing Vincent. Lally agrees to meet him in the morning at the hospital. Vincent’s father is far from being remorseful for what he has done. Instead, he finds fault in Eric influencing his son and decides to pay him a visit.


Armando goes to Eric’s mom’s home to confront him. Eric speaks to Armando. After an exchange of words, Armando throws a punch at Eric who falls to the ground. He pulls a gun out and points it at Eric. Sinag quickly runs out with a knife and challenges Armando. He fires his gun up towards the sky and retreats.



Eric gets ready to meet Lally. He’s late. Lally has gone in without him. Armando has arrived at the hospital and joins Lally. Eric finally arrives and goes into the hospital. Eric and Armando’s paths once again cross. After a heated exchange, Lally manages to convince Armando to back off. Eric remains steadfast. The waiting game begins.



The love triangle.


Lally leaves to take care of her children. Eric and Vincent alone at last. Wake-up Vincent, wake-up.


Vincent opens his eyes.


Armando’s doctor suspects he has HIV. The upcoming episode trailer definitely shows karma’s pending wrath on Armando with the confirmation of an HIV positive blood test plus Paul’s return and Armando’s arrest. Plus, Vincent is really awake and sees Eric and Lally.


It’ll be interesting to see what happens next. I just hope they don’t use the amnesia approach in the upcoming episode. Who will Vincent recognize first? Remains to be seen.